Wholesale Coffee Distributor Insurance

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Wholesale Coffee Distributor Insurance

The word coffee evokes memories for many, with each person having a perfect formula of how they like their coffee. Some people claim they cannot start the day without a cup of coffee to jump-start their normal daily activities.There are many varieties of coffee, and as a coffee distributor supplying businesses and retailers, the highest quality of coffee is essential.

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The business operations require the workers to have a safe work environment, inventory is handled professionally and equipment used is serviced and up to standard. However, even with thorough preparation, things out of your control can happen and lead to financial loss.Having wholesale coffee distribution insurance will give you peace of mind. The policy will protect your business against any lawsuits.

Cost of Wholesale Coffee Distributor Insurance 

Coffee distributors require a licensed insurance agent to advise on the best insurance coverage for their business. General liability insurance costs will depend on the location, the number of employees, revenue, claims history, and inventory.

Types of Insurance Coverage 

There are several policies available for coffee distributors. However, the type of insurance you opt for will depend on your operations and business policies.

Here are some basic policies that a wholesale coffee distributor should have.

Commercial General liability

It protects your business against third-party claims such as bodily harm and property claims. The policy pays for legal fees and any other damages. It also covers any advertisement, slander, and claims against your business.

Product liability

If your coffee causes an illness after consumption, a product liability policy will pay for medical bills, legal fees as well as any compensation granted.

Commercial Property

It covers the cost of repair or replacement of equipment that cannot be repaired if there is a fire, theft, or vandalism within your commercial property.

Worker’s compensation

This policy is a requirement for any business with employees. It covers all staff in case of a work-related accident. It covers medical bills, lost wages of the injured employee.

Commercial Auto

Covers all vehicles and persons who use the vehicles for the business in case of an accident.

As a wholesale coffee distributor, you can get individual policies or opt for a commercial package policy, which will combine policies under a single policy.

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