Acupuncture Insurance

Acupuncture Insurance

Acupuncturists offer alternative body treatments for chronic pain and illnesses. A needle is used to apply pressure to critical body parts of the patient. The FDA regulates these needles in the same category as syringes.

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Acupuncture Insurance

Acupuncture is an ancient art that has been known to cure psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. The patient’s health status has significantly or entirely healed. Many people are seeking the services of acupuncturists.

Some acupuncturists work independently in their offices, while others work for health spas. Studies show that acupuncture is effective in treating post-surgical nausea and pain in patients.

The acupuncture business is increasingly becoming litigious due to the increase in the number of people offering the service. As an acupuncturist business owner, it is vital to protect your business and reputation by getting acupuncture insurance. The coverage protects you and your business from lawsuits.

Cost of Acupuncture Insurance

Standard general liability insurance for an acupuncture business varies depending on the location, the acupuncture services offered, equipment, size of business, employees, revenue, etc.

Types of Insurance for Acupuncture

Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage is required for all health practitioners, including acupuncturists. Also called malpractice insurance, it protects you from risks associated with your profession. It covers legal fees if a patient sues due to

  • Mistakes and oversights
  • Negligence
  • Errors and Omissions

A patient can sue due to an infection caused by using non-sterilized needles.

Business Owners Policy

Like any small business, acupuncturists opt for this coverage that combines general liability, commercial property with other policies in a single plan. This commercial insurance is practical and affordable for most acupuncturists.

The policy covers damage to the business property or the patient’s property and third-party injuries such as slips and falls.

Workers compensation

This policy is mandatory in most states for acupuncture clinics and health spas that have employees. There are risks in the business that can cause harm to your employees. The insurance covers your employees in a work-related injury or illness. The policy pays for the medical treatment, lost employee wages, legal fees for lawsuits that can come up, and settlement fees awarded.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Acupuncture clinics and spas store customer information on computers. This insurance helps your business in the event it is a target of a cyber-attack. Sometimes it is added to the business owner’s policy.

An acupuncture business carries unique needs. Getting a reliable insurer will protect your business, reputation, and employees.

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