Adult Daycare Insurance

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Adult Daycare Insurance

Adult daycare center are increasing becoming popular. The centers are non-residential and offer social as well as well as health services to the baby boomers. Some activities found in these centers include assisting with medications, walking, and counseling. They offer spaces where the older individuals can be able to socialize and interact in structured activities with their peers.

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Why Adult Daycare

Adult daycare facilities offer assistance to the disabled and offer help with eating and toileting. Their loved ones may not be able to offer such kind of help and trust the daycare centers, to execute the duties with professionalism. The facilities have volunteers as well as permanent staff. Medication is administered by nurses , however not all facilities have a nurse. Hence, the staff give the medication.

As an adult daycare owner there are risks associated with these kind of business. Accidents can happen at any moment affecting the staff, vendors or the patrons. It can lead to a lawsuit, thus protecting yourself from any kind of liability is essential.

Cost of Adult daycare Insurance

The average cost of a standard general liability insurance depends on the location, size, number of employees, experience, specific services you offer, and payroll.

Why Adult daycare’s need Insurance?

As much as the daycare is there to offer a safe haven for the older individuals, the various day to day activities pose a risk. For example, administering the medication, there is the possibility of giving the wrong medication. The meals offered could have an ingredient that one person is allergic to and could cause serious damage. The staff could slip and fall while assisting with the activities and get injured.

Any of these activities can lead to legal action on you and end up facing a lawsuit. As the owner, bearing the legal fees, medical costs or compensation settlements can be devastating for you business. With the right adult daycare insurance you will protect your self, business, staff.

Type of Insurance for Adult Daycare centers

There are insurance coverage’s that are necessary for adult daycare centers. They include

Commercial General liability

This policy covers against third party injuries and damage to property. In the event someone falls and gets the injured the insurance will cover for the medical bills.

Commercial Property

The coverage protects your physical structure and the contents in case of any damage. For example should there be a fire, the insurance will cover the cost of repairs and replacement of items. It also covers for income lost due to the fire damage during the process of repair.

Worker’s Compensation

Should an employee sustain any injuries the insurance covers the medical costs as well as lost wages during the treatment.

Abuse and molestation coverage

The policy protects your business in case of allegations of client abuse or improper supervision leading to abuse.

The insurance coverage’s are available as a single policy as well as comprehensive packages. An adult daycare facility faces risks everyday and the survival of the business after a setback will be determined by the adult daycare insurance covering your business.

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