Church Insurance

Liability Insurance

Church Insurance

A church faces similar financial risks to that of a non-profit organization. Therefore, church insurance is a must. The church is a place that is regarded by many as a home. It is a place many seek peace and guidance. However, as we think of the church as a shield, the church requires protection too. The exposure to different types of risks could financially burden the church.

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Church Insurance

Churches offer different religious services to their members, from baptism, weddings, counseling, sports events.Some churches have pre-schools, daycare’s as part of their business. All these activities create a risk to the church from theft, fire, and vandalism.

Insurance companies offer both liability and property coverage with particular options to meet the church’s needs.For example, if the church is involved in taking overseas mission trips, the church must disclose such information to the insurer. It will ensure that the church gets the best policy of insurance.

Cost of church Insurance

The typical general liability insurance cost for a church will depend on factors like the location of the church, size of the church, services offered, artifacts, payroll, experience, and membership.

Types of Insurance Required for Churches

General liability

All church policies include this coverage. It protects the church members, church employees, officials, and volunteers. It offers protection from injuries inflicted on third parties while performing church duties while on the church grounds.

Ministers and Pastors Liability Insurance

This insurance is essential for churches as it provides counseling liability protection. In line with this, some insurers require the pastor offering to counsel to have relevant educational qualifications. For example, a degree in counseling.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

Another essential insurance protects the church should an employee sue the church for discrimination, wrongful termination. It covers the legal fees and damages.

Directors, Officers, and Trustees Liability

It covers the church directors, trustees, and officers from a loss that arises from liability claims. For example, if a church member or church staff decides to use any of them.

General Property

It generally covers the church property against any damage due to severe weather, fire, vandalism, or theft.

Cemetery Liability Insurance

If the church offers cemetery services, the cemetery insurance ensures the church is covered against any claims and liabilities brought about by the deceased family.

Daycare and Pre-school Liability Insurance

Among the services offered by churches include daycare and pre-school options. This insurance will protect you should there be any lawsuits from unhappy parents. For example, a parent can sue for child negligence or injuries to a child enrolled at the church program.

Auto Liability Insurance

This policy covers accidents that may be caused by church-owned vehicles, hired or leased.

Inland Marine Coverage

This insurance provides coverage for the church artifacts during transportation or transit to another location.

Religious freedom Insurance

It will protect the church should the church be sued for discrimination.

The church should discuss openly with the licensed insurance agent about the church’s unique areas of risks.

Churches are unique as a type of business, and there is no harm in getting multiple insurances to ensure complete coverage.

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