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Catering Insurance

The catering business can be home-based or located in a catering facility. Caterers prepare and serve food at events which include weddings, parties, receptions, and parties. Catering requires transportation of food from one location to another. Your staff serves the guests the meals. As the owner, you offer quality meals and drinks to your clients and ensure your staff is taken care of. It requires a lot of effort to ensure everything runs smoothly and build a reputation for your business. Any slight mishap can cause massive financial damage to your business.

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Cost of Catering Insurance

The standard general liability insurance for a catering business depends on the value of your catering equipment, meals served, alcohol serving, sales, experience, and the size of your business.

Why a catering business requires insurance

Just like any other business, catering can be very rewarding. However, the business has many demands for everything to be a success. It involves sourcing products and foods to prepare, providing a safe working environment for your staff, ensuring the meals cooked are of very high standards to delight your guests.

With the many demands, the risks are just as many. For example, a vendor can slip and fall. At the same time, at your premises during delivery, one of your staff can get a work-related injury while preparing meals, or a vehicle transporting the food to the venue could be involved in an accident.

Paying for any of these damages out of pocket could leave you in financial ruin and even closure of your business. Having the right catering insurance covers such damages and protects your source of livelihood.

Types of Catering Insurance needed

Commercial General Insurance

The insurance protects catering businesses against third-party injuries, property damage claims. For example, a client may claim you destroyed their kitchen during food preparation. The policy covers legal costs as well as any settlements.

Worker’s Compensation

The policy covers staff medical costs and lost wages that arise from a work-related injury. Even if you have one person working in your business, it is required to have the policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Coverage is required for vehicles used for business purposes. It protects your business inc case your car is involved in an accident. The policy covers the cost of damages involved with the vehicle should your driver be held liable. Operating any business is a challenge without having to worry excessively about what could go wrong.

Getting the right catering insurance offers peace of mind that your business is protected, and you can put your energy into growing your business.

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