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Call Center Insurance

Call centers are an essential part of a business in answering and directing calls depending on the need. Calls can be inquiring about services and products, placing an order, or filing complaints. Call centers are essential to business and customer experience success. Call centers face risks daily. Keeping your client’s information is a concern, and any leaked information can lead to a lawsuit.

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Cost of Call Center Insurance

Getting call center insurance will protect your business from lawsuits. A standard general liability insurance policy will depend on the call centre location, size, sales, and experience.

Type of Insurance Coverage for a Call Center

Call centers face many risks, and it is important to seek advice on the appropriate insurance coverage for your call center.

Call centers employ many people, and if a person gets injured while at work, you could be held liable. Other risks include fires, vandalism, and theft, which can cause financial damage to your business.

Call center coverage include

Business Property Insurance

The policy helps protect your building and the contents from perils like fire, weather elements, vandalism, etc.

Business Interruption Coverage

If the damage causes you to relocate or close, the insurance will reimburse you for income lost due to damage to your property.

Flood Insurance

It is additional coverage to your call center as it is not covered under general liability insurance. If your call center is located in a flood-prone area, the policy will offer additional protection.

Computers and Media Coverage 

The insurance covers valuable lost data about your business through network viruses or malware. It can also be due to theft of the equipment or vandalism. It is essential to protect all valuable data.

Employee Crime and Dishonesty Coverage

The policy covers you from any actions from your employees. It could be theft, dishonesty, fraudulent acts committed by an employee or a group of employees. For example, stealing money, forgery, credit card fraud, etc.

Call Center Liability Coverage

As a call center owner, getting the right liability for your business is important to ensure you are protected from claims and lawsuits. Some policies offer specialized coverage, while others offer broad coverage.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The policy provides coverage if your business is accused of causing third-party body injuries or property damage. Common claims include slip and fall that the policy covers.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Also known as excess liability insurance provides additional protection to your business when your regular policy limits are exceeded.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The policy protects you in case of a data breach in your business.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

The insurance protects if an employee accuses you of discrimination.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance 

Worker’s compensation is a requirement in most states and provides for costs should an employee get a work-related injury. It covers the loss of wages and medical expenses. In case of death, the policy pays for benefits to the family.

To ensure that your call center is properly insured, it is necessary to assess the risks associated with your call center with a reliable insurance agent. Getting an agent specializing in call center insurance will help determine the right coverage for your business from lawsuits and claims.

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