Logging Truck Insurance

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Logging Truck Insurance

Information about Logging Truck Insurance

Insurance for your Log Truck and trailer is typically going to be one of your biggest expenses outside of fuel.

There are 3 forms of coverage found.

• Liability
• Physical Damage
• Trailer Interchange Insurance – Used to cover damage to a specific trailer when it is borrowed or hired by an insured trucker from another trucking firm. Damage must be from a covered peril under the Physical Damage coverage section.

What you need to know

• Do you need insurance to cover you, your drivers, or both?
• Do you need workmen’s compensation?
• Are you looking for insurance to cover collision, fire, theft, CDC?
• Do you need full liability?
• Are you looking for bobtail liability?
• Do you want to insure your cargo?
• Do you need fuel bonds?

Please Note: Once you decide the type of insurance you need for your semi truck and trailer, you’ve also got to determine coverage limits. If you are unsure about coverage limits, KeyInsurance.com will help you.