Wholesale Florist Insurance

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Wholesale Florist Insurance

As a wholesale florist, you count on keeping your floral shop operations at their best. Making sure orders are processed correctly, products sold are of high quality. The equipment is adequately serviced to ensure the product remains fresh free from spoiling or getting damaged. As a wholesale supplier, you could be sourcing products from a supplier or growing your flowers. The delivery of the product is very delicate and is crucial for it to arrive at the intended person in the best condition.

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Cost of Florist Insurance

Some of the flowers’ peak seasons include mother’s day, Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.As a wholesale florist, there is always a risk of losing your flowers, damage to your business property, or injury to a worker or customer.

Investing in the right insurance is crucial to protect your business from the risks and avoid the potential of losing your business.Florist insurance is designed to protect your workers and business in case of property damage, bodily harm, or loss of income.

The cost generally will depend on what you want to be covered and the limits. It varies depending on the location, size, history of claims, and inventory.Getting customized insurance to meet your needs will protect you from risks and exposures that could cause financial loss.

Types of Wholesale Florist Insurance Coverage

The specific type of insurance will depend on your business needs.

Commercial Property

The policy protects your commercial property and all the equipment inside against damage caused by fire, theft, or vandalism.

Commercial General Liability

It protects your business from losses caused by your service and operations. It covers legal costs and any compensation that you may be required to pay.

Commercial Auto

Delivering products is a significant part of the floral business. The insurance protects the vehicles used in the industry. For example, if one of the cars is involved in an accident, the policy will cover any related costs.

Business Interruption

Should your florist be closed for an extended amount of time, for example, the policy will cover any financial loss that you may incur while your shop is closed due to a fire or property damage.


The policy protects your flower inventory stored in your computer from any data breach. Cybersecurity insurance will pay for expenses incurred due to the violation of systems like getting hacked.

How to minimize Risk and Exposure

  • Ensure walkways are clear of any obstruction that could cause someone to trip
  • The plants/flowers should have the necessary warning to the consumer
  • Training and sensitizing your staff about storage procedures, equipment operation, use of protective wear.
  • Fire equipment, detection systems, and backup equipment like generators should be well maintained.
  • Drivers should have valid qualifications for the vehicles they are driving.
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