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Tire Insurance

A new set of tires can be pretty expensive. If you need new tires immediately, tire insurance covers the costs of replacing or repairing your tires if they suffer accidental or malicious damage. No one thinks about the tires until something happens. For example, you could be driving to work, and the tire gets a blowout, or a nail or glass damages it. Tire insurance protects your car on the road in case of an accident. Tire insurance covers can last up to 3 years.

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Types of Tire Coverage

Tires get claims through comprehensive and collision coverage: coverage policies, exclusions, and policy limits depending on the protection plan. Tire insurance is not part of your auto insurance policy unless there’s an agreement with your insurer. Typical tire coverage includes;

Manufacturers warranty

During the purchase of tires, most manufacturers offer a manufacturer warranty. It covers primarily defects arising from poor workmanship. The warranty has limits as it does not cover tires which are considered wear and tear items.

In case of a defect due to materials used, the manufacturer will replace the tire for free.

Road hazard protection

Tire shops offer road hazard protection, although it comes with limitations. If you drive on the road with debris, road hazard protection would be ideal for you. It mainly covers the first year from the date of purchase.

Tire and Wheel protection

The coverage provided for both new and used cars and covers damages caused by road hazards such as nails, glass, potholes, debris, etc.

Coverage Exclusions

When purchasing a tire policy, it is essential to know the policy exclusions. For example

  • Wheel replacement – Some policies do not cover replacement of wheel cover or rims.
  • Alignment- If you hit a pothole or debris on the road, some insurance policies will not cover having your tires aligned.
  • Curb damage- Many insurers do not cover curb damage. Curbs with sharp corners can easily slash the car tires.

Before you decide to take insurance for your tires, always know what is covered and not. Compare the various options available and opt for what will make the best investment for you. You can combine the manufacturer’s warranty with the tire insurance policy.

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