RV Parks Campgrounds Insurance

Liability Insurance

RV Parks Campgrounds Insurance

Whether your RV park is in the mountains or a forest, memories are made in such places. RV parks offer good weather where people can unwind and enjoy a holiday. Some recreation services include swimming, canoeing, bike riding, fishing, hunting, miniature golf, and horseback riding. The campgrounds can offer play areas, laundry and shower facilities and storage areas.

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Some campgrounds offer a grocery store or a restaurant. Depending on the location of the campsite, they may be seasonal, only operational during particular seasons of the year and are privately owned.

Activities offered at your RV campgrounds comes with certain risks and needs. To ensure your guests keep coming, it is essential to provide outstanding service and to have RV park campground insurance to protect your grounds.

Cost of RV parks campgrounds insurance 

RV parks campgrounds insurance protects your property from claims and lawsuits. Standard general liability insurance for an RV park campground business depends on the location, size of the campsite and facilities offered, sales, and experience.

Type of Insurance needed for RV parks campgrounds 

An RV parks campgrounds insurance helps minimize liabilities for injuries caused to guests at the campgrounds during hiking, swimming, horse riding, etc. Some of the insurance coverage include

General Liability Insurance 

Recreation facilities at the campgrounds pose certain dangers and hazards. It can be fun, games, and relaxing until someone hits their head on the canoe boat or a guest falls off a horse.

You can be easily accused of wrong negligence even with no fault of your own. If the person decides to sue you, it can cause financial damage. General liability insurance offers protection if some get injured on your grounds.

Worker’s Compensation

The policy offers medical and disability compensation to your employees in case of a work-related injury.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) 

It is essential to protect your business from lawsuits filed by former or current employees from claims of discrimination or wrongful termination in today’s world. EPLI offers covers you against such claims.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This RV parks campgrounds insurance policy covers you if any of your vehicles is involved in an accident. It provides coverage in medical and uninsured motorist coverage.

Liquor Liability

The policy covers you from injuries resulting from alcohol sold at your grocery at the campgrounds.

Property Insurance

The policy covers the buildings structures within your property and its contents. It could be offices or other general structures.

Business Owners Policy

The policy offers umbrella protection to your business by protecting your building and its contents, loss of business income. It may provide more coverage that may not be found in other insurance policies.

For your campground to be safe and fun for everyone, it is essential to protect your assets against any damages and risks with an RV parks campground insurance policy.

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