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Clients rely on you to make them stand out from the crowd. Our advertising Agency Insurance will protect you as you keep your creative juices flowing. Creating business strategies is important for your business to succeed. Ensure you are protected with the right coverage.

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Advertising  Agency Insurance

Advertising agencies are involved in planning and creating campaigns designs and advertisements on behalf of their clients. They are also involved in market research and promoting products and services through posters, adverts, and websites.

Advertising can be both audio or visual. The channels of advertising used include newspapers, fliers, brochures, radio, television and the internet.Creating advertising strategies as a core business for a company can be rewarding. It requires creativity to give the client the best image.

Failure to deliver to the client as promised can lead to a negligence claim if it causes financial damage to the client.The definition of creativity and success can be different from the client’s expectations.That is why it is essential to get advertising agency insurance. It protects your agency from any lawsuits.

Cost of Advertising Agency Insurance

The average cost of general liability insurance for an advertising agency will depend on the location, type of operations, experience, and sales.

Types of Insurance needed for an Advertising Agency

Business Owners Policy

A BOP insurance combines three affordable and comprehensive coverage’s for an insurance agency. It is also convenient for the business. These include

  1. General Liability Insurance

It covers costs for damages caused by your ad agency involving

  • Body injury
  • Property damage
  • Advertising injury through libel and slander
  1. Commercial Property Insurance

The policy covers damage caused to the property and the contents inside. For example, damage caused by fire, vandalism, storm or theft is covered under the policy.

  1. Business Income Insurance

If the operations of the ad agency cease due to the damage caused, the policy covers the income lost until a time when the business is operational.

Media Liability Coverage

Media and liability is an Errors and Omissions coverage designed for advertising agencies, media houses, publications, and broadcasters. The policy covers defamation, plagiarism, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement.

Worker’s Compensation

It covers employees who are not able to work due to a work-related injury or illness. It compensates for wages lost as well as medical bills. In a situation where the individual or family decides to sue, the policy covers the legal fees and court settlements.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The policy protects your business from an auto-related accident caused by vehicles owned by the company. In case one of the driver’s is involved in an accident, the policy covers all the related costs.

Data Breach Insurance

It protects the business from the costs of cyber attacks and threats. Your insurer will investigate the source of the attack and help mitigate the damage as soon as possible. The attack could be either internal or external. The public relations department would issue a statement to protect the company image and address the issues involved.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The policy provides additional coverage once the other liability policies have reached their limit. This insurance is vital for businesses as it helps cover lawsuits and claims made to the company.

Consult a reliable insurance agent to ensure your business has coverage for specific risks and risk situations within your industry.

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