Corporate Office Insurance

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Corporate Office Insurance

Corporate offices are vital for essential decision-making practices as well as other activities. The businesses range from corporate, law, medical, and accounting. Such offices are exposed to many risks, and there’s a need for protection. Whether the building is owned or leased, getting corporate office insurance is the best way to protect your office.

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Cost of Corporate Office Insurance

The policy protects you in the event of any accidents occurring in the office during everyday activities. The cost of general liability insurance depends on the location, size of the building, number of employees, payroll, and experience.

Types of Insurance for Corporate Offices

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The policy offers protection to your business against claims made on your business. Common claims include slip and fall by third parties, which are covered by the insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

The policy offers excess coverage beyond the limits of your policy to offer you the best protection.

Workers’ Compensation

It covers your employees should they be involved in a work-related injury. It is mandatory in most states. In case of death, the policy offers benefits to the family.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If a vehicle owned by your business causes any damage to a third party, you are covered by the insurance.

Property insurance for Corporate Office include

Commercial Property insurance

The insurance protects your building and the contents. Your assets are protected against fire, theft, vandalism, which can cause damage to your business.

Business Interruption Coverage

It offers protection to your business if it is not able to function as usual due to damage. The policy compensates the company for income lost while repairs are ongoing.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The insurance offers protection to your business if a third party injury occurs in your office. It covers the medical expenses and settlement costs.

Flood Insurance

Commercial property insurance does not cover flooding damage. However, you can purchase flood insurance, primarily if your business is located in a flood-prone location.

Employee Dishonesty And Crime Coverage

This type of insurance covers your business against fraudulent activity like theft.

Protecting your corporate office from any damage is essential. Your employees and clients should have a safe space to work and do business. Getting a reliable insurance agent will ensure your business is covered at all times.

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