Assisted Living Facility Insurance

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Assisted Living Facility Insurance

Assisted Living care facilities offer a much-needed solution associated with elderly care. Such facilities are becoming more familiar, with more people needing help to perform basic daily tasks. Placing a loved one in such a facility is a difficult decision. Families and residents put their trust in you to offer the best care.

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Assisted Living Facility Insurance

With many activities being carried out on a day-to-day basis, accidents are bound to happen. These activities can lead to costly lawsuits and claims.

Assisted living insurance offers coverage against bodily harm caused by falls and slips by patients. Such claims can have expensive consequences.

General liability insurance- protects your business against claims caused by

  • Physical Abuse
  • Property Damage
  • Medical expenses etc

Professional Liability Insurance– Common claims for this coverage are due to injuries of residents within your premise. It can also result from an incident while the staff is treating or taking care of the residents. Professional liability protects your business against claims that include

  • Negligence
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Abuse/Neglect

Commercial Property Insurance– All assisted care living facilities require coverage for the business premises and contents against damage by fire, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.

Business Auto – Covers accidents caused when transporting residents with a company vehicle. Any accident can be a potentially significant risk that could lead to large claims.

Workers Compensation– Common injuries within assisted living facilities include back-related stains and injuries.

The policy covers your business and your employees in case of a work-related injury. It covers medical fees, lost wages, and settlements.


Coverage Types Available For Assisted/ Seniors Living

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Individual/Personal Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability
  • Alleged Assault & Battery Liability
  • Business Auto (not available in every state)
  • Property Coverage

Types of Facilities that Can Attain Coverage

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Active adult communities
  • Senior apartments and condominiums
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Independent living facilities
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Adult foster homes
  • Personal care homes

Cost of Assisted Living Facility Insurance

The general cost of a liability insurance policy for assisted home living depends on the location, amenities, number of beds, and experience.

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